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Title: Matrix Population Models analyses pack

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This pack contains a workflow, a file and documentation (tutorial to run the workflow).

The Matrix Population Models Workflow provides an environment  to perform several analyses on a stage-matrix with no density dependence:

  • Eigen analysis.
  • Age specific survival.
  • Generation time (T).
  • Net reproductive rate (Ro).
  • Transient Dynamics.
  • Resample a projection matrix (Confidence intervals of λ).
  • Survival curve
  • Keyfitz’s Δ
  • Cohen’s cumulative distance


This workflow has been created by the Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory (BioVeL project. BioVeL is funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Program, grant no. 283359. 

This workflow was created using and based on Packages ‘popbio’ in R. (Stubben & Milligan 2007; Stubben, Milligan & Nantel 2011) and popdemo (Stott, Hodgson and Townley, 2013)


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