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Workflow Index MyExperiment Workflow (2)

This workflow uses AIDA components to index all of the workflows on MyExperiment. First, it lists and downloads each workflow's xml file. Then, the titles and descriptions are parsed and submitted to an Indexer webservice. After it's finished, your index will be searchable by visiting http://aida.science.uva.nl:9999/search.

Created: 2009-05-26 | Last updated: 2009-05-27

Credits: User Edgar

Workflow G-language Genome Analysis Environment - B... (2)

Given a numerical vector (array), this workflow calculates the maximum value (max) and its index (maxdex), minumum value (min) and its index (mindex), mean, sum, median, and standard deviation. See http://www.g-language.org/ for more information about the G-language Genome Analysis Environment.

Created: 2010-04-05

Credits: User cory (Kazuki Oshita)

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