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Blob EPR-Solver

Created: 2009-06-05 16:46:06 | Last updated: 2009-06-05 18:10:35

Credits: User booiiing

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

This little perl-script automatically probes all assignments (g1, g2, g3) to (gx, gy, gz) (including negated values) in EPR/ESR (electron paramagnetic resonance / electron spin resonance) and tests them for several conditions. In the end, it gives you the assignements, as well as Eg, E1, E2, V/Delta and a, b, c. It is published under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence. Thus uploading is allowed for everyone to make it easier to contribute.

File type: Trident (Package)

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