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Workflow (Updated)Retrieve sequence in EMBL format. (1)

This workflow retrieves a sequence associated with its features in embl format.

Created: 2012-03-19 | Last updated: 2012-04-02

Credits: User Ankit upadhyay

Workflow Analyze any DNA sequence, EMBL (1)

This workflow is designed to analyze a DNA sequence for potential binding sites. Sequences should be in EMBL format.What is the geneXplain type?The geneXplain platform is an online toolbox for a broad range of bioinformatic and systems biology applications. It is developed by geneXplain GmbH. The technology behind the geneXplain platform is BioUML (www.biouml.org), which has been built, improved and supported for many years at the Institute of Systems Biology in Novosibirsk. The individual wo...

Created: 2013-11-13 | Last updated: 2015-04-17

Credits: User geneXplain

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