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Blob A Plane Economy of Space Surfaces From the Mathemati...

Created: 2009-08-07 19:38:05 | Last updated: 2009-12-21 17:32:25

Credits: User M. Kirsh

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

A perspective on nature is introduced based on a visit to the Plane Geometry of Euclid and reinterpretation of the theory of relativity. Nature is redifined  as a special case of proximity that is different from normally the construed physical proximity presented to perception. The world is considered as a special case in which the Laws of Motion of Newton and Special Relativity of Einstein are hopefuly united into a single frame. The science of genetics is revisited and new theory ...

File type: Adobe PDF

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Workflow Automated Cortical Surface Extraction Work... (1)

This workflow takes raw un-skull-stripped volumes and generates a cortical surface model using FreeSurfer? and CCB tools. Problem addressed by this workflow There are many ways to generate cortical surface models based on MRI data. Here is one of them. Eventually, there will be a new Learning-based Cortical Surface Modeling Pipeline, as well.   Input is Raw MRI T1-weighted volume CCB/FreeSurfer Cortical Surface extractor that the SIG-Shape team developed and we validated ...

Created: 2011-04-06 | Last updated: 2011-07-14

Credits: User Pipeline

Workflow Direct Hippocampal Mapping (1)

Overview - Direct Hippo Mapping The workflow takes volumetric masks of hippocampi from two groups, generates surfaces from each mask, and maps these surfaces to a hippocampal atlas. It also computes thickness and displacement feature on the surfaces and evaluates the statistical significance of the differences between the two groups with respect to these measurements.   Problem addressed by this workflow Automatically establishing correspondences between points on hippocampal ...

Created: 2011-04-06 | Last updated: 2011-04-06

Credits: User Pipeline

Workflow Automated BrainSuite Cortical Surface Extr... (1)

Overview - BrainSuite Cortical Surface Extraction The workflow takes a skull stripped volume as input and runs a multi-stage process, extracting the cortical surface and splitting it into hemispheres.   Problem addressed by this workflow Generating a shape model of the cortical surface from a 3D volume.   Detailed Workflow Usage & Specifications Tissue Classification The next step in the Brainsuite09 cortical surface identification sequence is tissue classificatio...

Created: 2011-04-06 | Last updated: 2011-04-06

Credits: User Pipeline


Workflow Plot error surface (1)

Exemplary workflow for plotting error surface using Tav4SB (http://bioputer.mimuw.edu.pl/tav4sb/) mahtPlot WS operation. Data input format is compatibile with Tav4SB MPSA workflows.

Created: 2011-07-14 | Last updated: 2011-07-14

Credits: User trybik

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