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Blob Pubmed Identifiers

Created: 2009-11-14 16:23:47

Credits: User George

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

A list of example pubmed identifers to use when testing abstract retrieval and text-mining workflows

File type: Plain text

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Workflow Create Local Citation Graph (1)

This workflow demonstrates how to build a local citation/reference graph for a single pubilcation in PubMed. The id input is the PubMed id (pmid) for any publication in the PubMed or PMC Europe. The workflow then queries the PMC Europe Web services to get the citations and references for this publication. Two XPath parsers are used to extract the citation and reference ids, which are then combined and passed on to an Rshell that draws a Sugiyama style layered graph using the igraph package. T...

Created: 2015-10-11

Credits: User Magnus Palmblad

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