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Workflow Clean plain text (ASCII) (1)

This workflow will remove any XML-invalid and non-ASCII characters (e.g. for sending to the ASCII-only Termine service) from any text supplied to the input port. This is a workflow component, designed to be used as a nested workflow inside a larger text mining or text processing workflow.

Created: 2010-02-18 | Last updated: 2011-12-13

Credits: User James Eales

Workflow Extract Scientific Terms (2)

This workflow takes in a document containg text and removes and non-ascii characters. The cleaned text is then sent to a service in dresden to extract all scientific terms. These terms represent a profile for the input document. Any null values are also removed.

Created: 2010-12-08 | Last updated: 2011-01-11

Credits: User Paul Fisher

Workflow Remove Non-ASCII (1)

THis workflow removes any non-ascii characters from a segment of text. Any characters that are found are removed. Letters either side f the non-ASCII are concatenated - this may cause the loss of word meaning

Created: 2011-02-03 | Last updated: 2011-02-03

Credits: User Paul Fisher

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