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Network-member eLicoTutorial

Unique name: eLicoTutorial
Created: Wednesday 10 March 2010 16:41:48 (UTC)

This group was created for the March 2010  eLico Taverna Training day, in Toulouse.

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Pack RapidMiner plugin for Taverna videos and descriptions

Created: 2011-06-06 10:17:52 | Last updated: 2011-12-13 16:02:04

 This pack contains videos the show how to use various parts of the RapidMiner plugin for Taverna. The videos demonstrate how to build a Taverna workflow which collects a GEO dataset, uploads it to RapidAnalytics, trains a classifier on one half of the data and tests it on the other half. This classification process can be used to gauge how well mutant and control assays agree across experimental repeats.

5 items in this pack

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Pack Creating a focused corpus of factual outcomes from b...

Created: 2011-06-28 11:19:04 | Last updated: 2011-12-13 16:02:16

 This pack contains resources and supplementary files for the submission to the MIND2011 workshop titled "Creating a focused corpus of factual outcomes from biomedical experiments" by James Eales, George Demetriou and Robert Stevens

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Workflows (3)

Workflow microRNA to KEGG Pathways and Abstracts (1)

Workflow takes in a text file of microRNAs from microCOSM (at the EBI) and outputs a list of KEGG pathway information, including genes in pathways and pathway abstracts from PubMed. The results can then be used in various text mining applications/workflows to rank the results against a given disease.Workflow takes in a file of microRNAs

Created: 2010-03-17

Credits: User Paul Fisher

Attributions: Workflow Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region

Workflow miRNA GFF to entrez gene (1)

This workflow reads a GFF file of miRNA cooridinates and uses BioMart to search human ensemble genes for the gene that codes for the miRNA. The workflow returns a list of miRNAid, chromosome, start, stop, strand, entrez gene id, gene name, gene strand. Example input file here: ftp://mirbase.org/pub/mirbase/CURRENT/genomes/hsa.gff

Created: 2011-01-26 | Last updated: 2012-01-11


Workflow Transforming user/item description dataset... (1)

This workflow provides transformation of an user/item description attribute set, into a format required by attribute based k-NN operators of the Recommender extension. See: http://zel.irb.hr/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=del:projects:elico:recsys_manual_v1.1.pdf to learn about formats of datasets required by Recommender extension.

Created: 2012-01-30

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