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Network-member LTER Information Management

Unique name: lter_im
Created: Wednesday 26 June 2013 21:13:34 (UTC)

Workflows for information management applications in the Long-Term Ecological Research community.

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Project Biovel

Network-member BioVeL

Unique name: biovel
Created: Saturday 06 August 2011 15:38:58 (UTC)

This group is for sharing workflows relating to BioVeL - Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory - FP7-283359 BioVeL The BioVeL group is curated. If you previously had membership or if you wish to share content with the group, please contact f.quevedo.fernandez@cs.cardiff.ac.uk  .Please feel free to explore. You can find documentation on the BioVeL wiki. If you need assistanc...

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Latest announcement:: This is not the workshop group!

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