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Network-member CWA users

Unique name: CWA_Users
Created: Tuesday 01 September 2009 16:35:48 (UTC)

Group for (potential) users of the Concept Web. See below for information on CWA taken from the Concept Web Alliance Blog. Also see other CWA groups here on myExperiment. Please request to join this group if you are (i) a scientist working in application fields such as life science, (ii) interested in computer support for sharing knowledge between (computational) experiments and between scie...

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Pack AIDA toolbox

Created: 2008-08-01 11:33:03 | Last updated: 2010-02-14 16:04:25

Adaptive Information Disclosure Application toolbox: AIDA web services for automated knowledge extraction and knowledge management Documentation    

9 items in this pack

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Workflow CountListElements (5)

Very simple workflow to count the number of items in a list (top level only in case of nested lists). Does no more than count = list.size();

Created: 2007-10-17 | Last updated: 2007-10-17

Workflow TestIterator (1)

Workflow to experiment with list iteration strategies. Look at metadata of nested workflow 'Concatenate' to see the current iteration strategy.

Created: 2007-11-28

Credits: User Marco Roos

Workflow TestIteratorStrategy_withNesting (1)

Implementation of the iteration workaround by Tom Oin conform the Q&A below. The nested workflow 'NestedProcessor' is called that to conform to Tom's explanation. For an alternative solution using a java beanshell to clone list items see 'TestIteratorStrategy_withCloning. This workflow implements the following Q&A: Marco Roos wrote: > Dear Taverna user, > > Issue 1: Complex iteration > > I would like to perform an iteration including a dot product between > a list and a list of li...

Created: 2007-11-29

Credits: User Marco Roos User Tomoinn

Workflow CloneItemsInList (1)

Utility workflow that clones an item copy_number times. You can use this to work around standard iteration strategies, e.g. in combination with the CountListItems workflow. Workflow examples: TestIterationStrategy_withClones. For an alternative approach see TestIterationStrategy_withNesting. Example I/O: input: A copy_number: 3 result: [A,A,A] input: [A,B,C] copy_number: 3 result: [[A,A,A][B,B,B][C,C,C]] input: [A,B,C] copy_number: [3,2] result: [[[A,A,A],[A,A]][[B,B,B],[B,B]],[[C,C,C],...

Created: 2007-11-29

Credits: User Marco Roos

Workflow TestIteratorStrategy_withCloning (2)

This workflow implements a strategy for this problem: > I would like to perform an iteration including a dot product between > a list and a list of lists; example: > Input: > > [1] (1) > [A,B,C] (2) > [[a,b],[c,d],[e,f]] (3) > > Desired output: > > [1Aa, 1Ab, 1Bc, 1Bd, 1Ce, 1Cf] In this implementation a java beanshell is used to clone the items in list 2 as many times per item as there are items in the sublists of list 3. The iteration stra...

Created: 2007-11-29 | Last updated: 2007-11-29

Credits: User Marco Roos

Workflow Flatten_and_make_unique (1)

No description

Created: 2007-12-10

Credits: User Marco Roos Network-member AID

Workflow Sesame triplestore loader from a dereferen... (2)

Load triples obtained from an URL in N3 or XML format and load them into your local Sesame Triplestore locally installed and available at http://localhost/sesame. The http://localhost/sesame/servlets/uploadURL service of Sesame is used in HTTP POST mode.

Created: 2009-02-19 | Last updated: 2009-02-19

Credits: User Francois Belleau

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