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Workflow Antiviral activity multiclass Predictor (1)

A simple multi-class antiviral activity predictor based on expanded Pubchem fingerprints and random forest algorithm. Seems to work well to perform quick screens for antiviral molecules.Download training data from CTD (http://ctdbase.org/downloads/) or  use this preprocessed version https://www.myexperiment.org/files/2285.html. Write to me at rajeev.gangal@gmail.com regarding any queries.I make no claim that the predictive model is accurate for clinical hypotheses or that it will find mo...

Created: 2020-03-23 | Last updated: 2020-03-25

Credits: User Insilicoconsulting


Workflow Deriving factual information from WHO COVI... (1)

 WHO has posted a CSV that's frequently updated with COVID abstracts. A simple PubMed search reveals thousands of abstracts too. So here's an NLP pipeline to mine these and extract meaningful sentences/facts using Stanford Open Information Extractor and Biological entity tagging. #knime #naturallanguageprocessing #textanalytics #textmining #covid19 #nlp #datascience #WHO 

Created: 2020-04-12

Credits: User Insilicoconsulting

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