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The AffyArrayQualityAnalysis web services provide quality control for raw Affymetrix GeneChip data. They are wrappers around Philip de Groot's quality control R script to provide remote programmatic access. This example workflow demonstrates the use of the AffyArrayQualityAnalysis services. The flow is as follows: A client executes the AffyArrayQualityAnalysis_submit service with two inputs: a User object and a collection of URLs linking to CEL files. The User object contains a u...

Created: 2008-03-13 | Last updated: 2009-02-16

Credits: User Pieter Neerincx User Philipg


Workflow NGS : FastQ Quality check and FastQ manipu... (1)

Taking FastQ reads, apply FastQ groomer on sequences and generate Quality reports (FastQC, Summary statistics, boxplots) before and after filter

Created: 2014-02-27 | Last updated: 2014-06-10

Credits: User Ylebras

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