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Workflow EBI_MUSCLE (1)

Perform a multiple sequence alignment using the MUSCLE tool (see http://www.drive5.com/muscle/). The EBI's WSMuscle web service (see http://www.ebi.ac.uk/Tools/webservices/services/muscle) is used. Note: the WSMuscle service used by this workflow is deprecated as of 21st September 2010 and should not be used in any new development. This service is will be retired during 2011. EBI's replacement MUSCLE services (REST or SOAP) should be used instead.  

Created: 2008-06-03 | Last updated: 2010-12-06

Credits: User Hamish McWilliam

Workflow MY_Multi_Alignment_Phylo (1)

This workflow performs a 'multiple' multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis.

Created: 2009-11-03

Credits: User Achille Zappa

Workflow M_Fetch_e-T_phylo_boot - (BETA) (1)

This workflow performs a generic protein sequence analysis. In order to do that a novel protein sequence enters into the software along with a list of known protein identifiers chosen by the biologist to perform a homology search, followed by a multiple sequence alignment and finally a phylogenetic analysis.

Created: 2010-03-10 | Last updated: 2010-03-10

Credits: User Achille Zappa User Hamish McWilliam

Workflow KEIO Bioinformatics Web Service - a genera... (2)

This workflow generates a sequence logo image for a set of amino acid sequences of FOXP2 gene, by downloading the amino acid sequences in Fasta format through Togo Web Service with UniProt identifiers (togoWS, provided by the G-language Genome Analysis Environment SOAP Service), running BLAST web service (runBLAST), retrieving a set of sequences from ID list (togoWS), aligning the sequence with MUSCLE (runMUSCLE), extracting a certain region from the alignment (extractalign, provided by Soapl...

Created: 2010-08-13 | Last updated: 2010-11-19

Credits: User cory (Kazuki Oshita)

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