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Network-member CWA Working Group 2.6: Storage and mainten...

Created: Friday 27 November 2009 19:39:12 (UTC)

A fundamental challenge facing the Semantic Web and the Concept Web Alliance is making essential information available from triple stores. The scale of the information that users eventually want to share and access is generally larger than will fit into a single triple store. Also, it is impossible to centralize all knowledge in a CWA knowledge warehouse. For this reason, federation of data sou...

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Pack Metadata Management

Created: 2009-06-05 13:54:55 | Last updated: 2009-06-05 13:55:34

Workflows dealing with creating and updating metadata records.

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Pack Presentation - An interoperable data repositories ca...

Created: 2012-09-25 18:21:30 | Last updated: 2012-09-25 18:30:58

Title: An interoperable data repositories case study: DataONE Speaker: John W. Cobb Event: Hubbub 2012 Event URL: http://hubzero.org/hubbub Location: Indianapolis, US Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2012 Formats: .pptx

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Workflow Data Set Metadata Generator (1)

This workflow generates ePrints XML import files with data set metadata for the FLOSSmole project. It reads in an input file generated from a Notre Dame SourceForge dump SQL query and uses regular expressions to parse the filename for the data set's source repository, download URL, and basic description. It also translates the epoch date into a sql format suitable for import, and the file size from bytes into larger units, e.g. GB, MB, etc. These data are inserted into an XML eprint record te...

Created: 2008-08-19 | Last updated: 2008-08-19

Credits: User Andrea Wiggins

Workflow DOI Record Generator (1)

This workflow generates DOI record files for deposit, using data set metadata for the FLOSSmole project. It reads in an input file generated from a SQL query from an eprints database, and transforms the parts of the source file as necessary to create a comprehensive DOI deposit record. It also generates DOIs for the data sets. These metadata are inserted into an XML record template (based on the std-doi.xsd schema) and the individual resources are aggregated into a single file.

Created: 2009-04-29

Credits: User Andrea Wiggins

Attributions: Workflow Data Set Metadata Generator

Workflow DOI Files (1)

This workflow generates additional files required for handling DOI creation: the DOI URL mapping required for the DOI deposit, and a set of sql update statements to insert the DOIs into an eprints database. Note that it is extremely important for this workflow to use the same CSV file as was used with the DOI record generator, as well as the same seed number.

Created: 2009-06-05

Credits: User Andrea Wiggins

Attributions: Workflow DOI Record Generator

Workflow 2. Getting Started: Retrieve and Apply a M... (1)

This getting started process demonstrates how to load (retrieve) a model from the repository and apply it to a data set. The result is a data set (at the lab output for "labeled data" ) with has a new "prediction" attribute which indicated the prediction for each example (ie. row/record). You will need to adjust the path of the retrieve data operator to the actual location where the model is stored by a previews execution of the "1. Getting Started: Learn and Store a...

Created: 2011-01-17 | Last updated: 2011-01-19

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