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My Experiment is the ideal platform to communicate workflows I've developed in my own research, for analyzing large-scale patterns in the structural and physical properties of RNA and protein sequence space. 

I'm also the Chair of the Concept Web Alliance 'Triple Browser / Reasoning' working group, which is charged with the research and development of algorithms for efficiently and 'creatively' reasoning with massive triple stores. Although I'm new to the world of semantic reasoning, I do have a number of ideas (based on my own work mentioned above) that should be applicable to projecting large, high-dimensional triple spaces in lower-dimensional, yet still meaningful ways. In any case, I look forward to learning more and trying out new ideas. It will be interesting to see how the 'Triple Browser / Reasoning' workflows grow and evolve over time. 

I'm also a member of the CWA Tool Development working group and a reviewer of the Content Capture working group. 


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Information processing in physical and biological systems. Current Projects: Mapping RNA and Protein sequence space; Cellular automata and the theory of phase transitions; Visualization of complex data sets.

Field/Industry: Informatics

Occupation/Role(s): Research Scientist


Duke University Department of Computer Science
Concept Web Alliance
Sequenomics LLC


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