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John Cobb is a researcher at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) specializing in introducing high performance computing and cyberinfrastructure for different areas of science and engineering research, particularly experimental and observational data sciences and areas that have not traditionally used these tools to accelerate and increase the impact of their research. His professional preparation includes a doctorate is in theoretical physics specializing in large scale computational plasma physics modeling and simulation applied to alternative fusion energy concepts. He has worked in several science areas, all with the unifying theme of applying advanced computation to solve research problems. Such areas have included: advanced fusion concepts; plasma based semiconductor fabrication equipment modeling; neutron scattering science; biological and ecological data synthesis, archive, and curation. Some of his previous positions have included: scientific computer user advisory committee chair for ORNL; CIO, IT-staff, and computer Security officer during the construction period for the Spallation Neutron Source; ORNL TeraGrid resource provider principal investigator; and Co-investigator and leadership team member for the national science Foundation’s DataONE Datanet project. He is currently on staff at ORNL’s Computer Science and Mathematics division.

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