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I have received my master's degree in 2005 in computer science. During my masters, I did research on artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems and driving simulation. Currently, I am a Ph.D.student within the Bsik project  BioRange at the Human Media Interaction Group at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. My current research is on computer visualisation techniques for life science domain, which is a multidisciplinary domain. My focus is on designing visualisation techniques for life science experiment setups, experiment progress, and task distribution in these experiments, to support these multidisciplinary research teams performing their experiments.

R-Shell plugin for Taverna
We have developed the R-shell plugin for Taverna. This plugin enables the Taverna users to execute R scripts in Taverna using a local or remote installation of the R interpreter. Each R-shell processor (i.e. a node in a Taverna workflow) can have multiple input ports for feeding arguments as well as multiple output ports for collecting the results. To limit data transport between multiple R-shell processors, the R shell plugin supports sessions. In a session, the data is kept at the R interpreter till the last processor in the session is executed.

The life science domain make use of R scripts to perform statistical analyses on their experiment data. Previously, R was only limited supported by Taverna. Therefore, the R-shell plugin for Taverna is a very useful contribution to the life science domain. This plugin is now part of the standard distribution of Taverna.

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Agent technology, Software Engineering, Workflows, Web service technology, Simulation, Human Computer Interaction

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Human Media Interaction Group, University of Twente


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