Looping over Examples for doing de-aggregation

Created: 2010-04-29 16:21:56

This process is based on (artificially generated) data that looks like it has been aggregated before. The integer attribute Qty specifies the quantity of the given item that is represented by the rest of the example. The process now loops over every example and performs on each example another loop, that will append the current example to a new example set. This example set has been created as empty copy of the original example set, so that the attributes are equally. To get access to and remember the new example set, two pairs of remember / recall operators are used. Another advanced RapidMiner technique is used here for getting access to each example: Macros. The macros are used to store the index of the current example. Since the parameter is integer valued and the macro will contain a double value, a Generate Macro operator is used for rounding the macro value.

You might set break points to see how this process works.

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