Sacs Gene Muation Analysis

Created: 2010-11-03 17:23:21      Last updated: 2010-11-03 17:23:22

This workflow was created to predict the effect of the mutation on the primary and the secondary structure of a mutated sacsin protein.

The genomic sequence bearing the mutation should be pasted on FASTA format as input for the Transeq tool. This sequence will be translated to protein and compared to the wild type protein, already extracted from NCBI database, through the Supermatcher tool. Variation(s) will be verified by multiple alignment using Blastp and ClustalW tools.

Prediction of the variation(s) effects will be proceeded by four online tools : Pepstat, Garnier, hmoment and Pepinfo tools. All the results can be extracted from the workflow general report by clicking on "provenance".

This workflow can be used for other mutation analysis in other genes or proteins by modifying the accession number on the "execute query" step of the workflow.

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