Created: 2008-04-18 11:53:19      Last updated: 2008-04-18 11:58:30

This workflow allows you to configure a BioMart query to fetch sequences you want from Ensembl. These sequences are retrieved and a blast database of them is created (by default, in the directory you ran taverna from).

Warning: This workflow assumes that you have blastall and formatdb installed on the machine, and that by default, these are both found or linked in /usr/local/bin. It also assumes that you have write permission to the directory you have run taverna from. The beanshells "create_blastall_cmdArgs" and "create_formatdb_cmdArgs" are what you need to edit if the default locations are not appropriate for you.


The names of all the files created and used is hard coded in this workflow. This means that if you run this workflow more than once without editing anything, you will overwrite files you have previously created.

All files created in the working directory are not yet coded to be deleted via the workflow. Ideally there would be an option that a user could choose that would set the files to be kept or deleted after use.

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