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The ADR-S pathway seeks to establish a connection between the clinical event and the drug through different paths: (i) through proteins in common among the proteins that are drug targets or metabolite targets and proteins associated to the clinical event (ii) through proteins that are drug targets or metabolite targets and proteins associated to the clinical event that participate in a common biological pathway. The workflow proceeds as follows:
First, it checks if there are proteins that are annotated both to the clinical event and to the drug (NESTED WORKFLOW ADR_substantiation_through_proteins).
Second, it looks for connections between the drug and the clinical event through biological pathways. Information about tissue expression of the proteins is used to filter the results Input of the workflow The input of the workflow is a drug-event pair. For the clinical events, the following types are allowed: 1) UMLS CUI concept identifiers (single identifier or a list of identifiers 2) clinical events observed as adverse drug reactions according to the EU-ADR project For the drug, a ATC code (7 digit level) is required. Output of the workflow As result a list of connecting proteins as well as a list of pathways is provided. The results can be visualized as a network using Cytoscape. The network is a multi-partite graph, in which the nodes are the event, the drug and the proteins, and the edges the associations between these nodes. In addition, all the evidences supporting the associations can be explored in the graph representation. The results of the analyisis through biological pathways is summarized in an html file.

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