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Vaccine Targets Workflow

Created: 2011-03-30 20:45:57      Last updated: 2011-04-01 12:45:26

Comparison of the genome of Bacillus anthracis to closely related strains will allow the discovery of proteins which may be involved in pathogenicity. Based on the biochemical pathways where the protein interacts, vaccines can be designed for these unique proteins. By gaining insight into the biochemical pathways that the unique proteins are involved in, the proteins can also be assessed for potential quality as vaccines. The key components of the vaccine finding system are the following: The vaccine finding system reads in at least two annotated whole genome sequences in EMBL or GenBank format; the source (non-pathogen) and the target (Bacillus anthracis). At this point, the workflow runs a BlastP search to compare the two strains of bacteria. Assessment of the evolutionary relationship between the two genomes ascertains whether they are closely related enough to derive meaningful comparisons. The vaccine finding system then parses the proteins from the data set that are only coded for in the target genome Bacillus anthracis, giving a new data set of unique proteins which can then be assessed in the KEGG PATHWAY database. The position of the unique proteins in the pathways will give a good indication of the enzymatic role of the proteins in Bacillus anthracis. The vaccine finding system then records its findings in an HTML file, as well as additional information such as annotations from Gene Ontology, functional annotations and literature references.

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