Direct Hippocampal Mapping

Created: 2011-04-06 01:35:39      Last updated: 2011-04-06 01:35:45

Overview - Direct Hippo Mapping

The workflow takes volumetric masks of hippocampi from two groups, generates surfaces from each mask, and maps these surfaces to a hippocampal atlas. It also computes thickness and displacement feature on the surfaces and evaluates the statistical significance of the differences between the two groups with respect to these measurements.


Problem addressed by this workflow

Automatically establishing correspondences between points on hippocampal surfaces and demonstrating the utility of this method in performing localized shape analysis.


Detailed Workflow Usage & Specifications

The workflow takes volumetric masks of the hippocampus as input. There are initially two data sources for input. One of these is for the control group, while the other is for the set of patient hippocampi. The volumetric data is converted to hippocampal surfaces. Each surface is then mapped to an atlas based on landmark curves. Also, two measurements are made at each point on these surfaces. These are thickness and displacement features. Finally, a permutation test is run to resolve multiple comparison effects. The resulting statistical maps are projected onto the average of the control hippocampal surfaces.


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