Image Registration Meta Algorithm (IRMA)

Created: 2011-04-06 01:39:08      Last updated: 2011-07-14 01:09:06

Overview - Workflow-Title

In this workflow different registration algorithms are applied to the same image and the image that is best registered to the template is chosen as the output top candidate.


Problem addressed by this workflow

In this workflow various registration algorithm is performed on the same subject. The algorithm that gives the best result is chosen. This might be different for different input images. This workflow is robust and picks the best-registered image. Other registration algorithms could also be added to the workflow.


Detailed Workflow Usage & Specifications

Inputs: Raw MRI images are the inputs and also the Atlas to which all the input images are required to be registered.

Various registration algorithms like, Align Linear; Align Warp; FSL FLIRT; MINC Tracc are used here to do the registration.


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