Calculation of distances, magnitutes and luminosities using HyperLEDA

Created: 2011-11-14 18:17:06      Last updated: 2012-01-11 18:11:57

Calculation of distances, corrected apparent B magnitude mB-corr and luminosities with values gathered from the HyperLEDA database.

This workflow receives a list of galaxy names (hyperLEDA names. ie: KIG0001) and a file with the morphological types of those galaxies Using the name of a galaxy, the workflow querys Hyperleda to extract some properties of this galaxy (J2000 Coordinates, velocity, galactic extinction,log of axis ratio, and the Total B-magnitude ). With this properties it calculates the distance of the galaxy and, in other hand, the Total apparent corrected B-magnitude. It takes account if the velocity of the galaxy is lower than a threshold (1000km/s), it can not be possible to calculate the distance so, in those cases the distance will be "NaN". At the end, it calculates the Total Luminosity using the velocity and the Total apparent corrected B-magnitude. More information in the nested workflows. The performance could be improved since only one query per galaxy is needed for the extraction of five physical properties. Nevertheless, we have decided to split the query into five different queries and provide a more modular workflow, which is best suited for aims of re-usability and re-purposability. It may happen that for other physical properties, values may come from different databases.

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