Hadoop Large Document Collection Data Preparation

Created: 2012-08-17 12:19:39      Last updated: 2012-08-18 18:39:26

Workflow for preparing large document collections for data analysis. Different types of hadoop jobs (Hadoop-Streaming-API, Hadoop Map/Reduce, and Hive) are used for specific purposes.

The *PathCreator components create text files with absolute file paths using the unix command 'find'. The workflow then uses 1) a Hadoop Streaming API component (HadoopStreamingExiftoolRead) based on a bash script for reading image metadata using Exiftool, 2) the Map/Reduce component (HadoopHocrAvBlockWidthMapReduce) presented above, and 3) Hive components for creating data tables (HiveLoad*Data) and performing queries on the result files (HiveSelect).

The code for the two hadoop jobs is available on Github: tb-lsdr-seqfilecreator and  tb-lsdr-hocrparser.

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