Integral Projection Model for Demographic Modelling v34

Created: 2013-08-13 09:37:22

This workflow constructs and analyses an IPM with only continuous stages and without ramet production based on the IPMpack (R).

Information about the Input file:

The data must be organized in a table (in .csv format), where each row represents one observation of an organism in the population at one census time t with the following column names:

size: size of individuals in census time t sizeNext: size of individuals in census time t +1 surv: survival of individuals from census time t to t +1 (contains: 0 for death or 1 for survival) fec0, ...: as many columns as desired relating size to sexual reproduction. For example, this might be:

{ fec0: probability of reproduction (output: 0 for no reproductive or 1 for reproductive) { fec1: number of reproductive structures (output: 1, 2, 3, ...) when individual is reproductive, that is, when fec0 = 1 { fec2: number of propagules (output: 1, 2, 3, ...) per reproductive structure (e.g. seeds per flower in reproductive plant individual) { ... stage: stage of individuals in census time t, used to distinguish discrete and continuous stages, etc. This workflow only analyse population with continuous stages. For rows in the table where size is not an NA, then this must be the word “continuous”. Where size is NA, stage will be NA as well. stageNext: stage of individuals in census time t +1, in the simples case, “continuous” or dead"(which is redundant with “0” in the surv column. offspringNext: if the size contained in sizeNext corresponds to the size of an offspring, this column will contain either the value “sexual” or “clonal” (depending on whether sexual or clonal reproduction is being considered) In this workflow only the sexual reproduction is considered. If this column exists, rows that take these two values will be excluded from the growth analyses

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