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Created: 2008-08-19 21:17:14      Last updated: 2008-08-19 21:25:53

This workflow generates ePrints XML import files with data set metadata for the FLOSSmole project. It reads in an input file generated from a Notre Dame SourceForge dump SQL query and uses regular expressions to parse the filename for the data set's source repository, download URL, and basic description. It also translates the epoch date into a sql format suitable for import, and the file size from bytes into larger units, e.g. GB, MB, etc. These data are inserted into an XML eprint record template (specific to the FLOSSmole ePrints repository configuration at and the individual eprints are aggregated into an XML import file.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that I can provide the input file due to license restrictions. I can provide the SQL query, however, so that anyone who has signed a license agreement for access to the ND SourceForge data can retrieve the same input:

SELECT f.filename, f.file_id, f.file_size, f.post_date FROM sf0508.frs_file as f, sf0508.groups as g WHERE g.unix_group_name = 'ossmole' AND f.group_id=g.group_id ORDER BY f.post_date

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