Find compounds pharmacology and align against target sequences

Created: 2013-10-16 14:12:06

Look up concept URI from freetext, e.g. "aspirin", find compound pharmacology and their target info. For each target, blast+tree on its sequence - if any.

Uses the Open PHACTs API and the myExperiment workflow 3369 "Blast_Align_and_Tree"

Notice that in tihs workflow, most concepts won't have compounds, and most compounds won't have targets, and most targets won't have a sequence - Open PHACT API wise this means this workflow would be propagating 404 Not Found errors.

Until there is a Local worker to filter out Errors, the best way to view only the results is to manually select "View results" for each output port - after the workflow run has finished. Note that some of the ports have XML outputs.

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