Created: 2013-11-05 10:21:56

The workflow MatchboxHadoopApi.t2flow enables using of matchbox tool on Hadoop with Taverna. This workflow is based on Python scripts and Hadoop Streaming API included in
"pythonwf" folder of pc-qa-matchbox project on github (

For this workflow we assume that digital collection is located on HDFS and we have a list of input files in format "hdfs:///user/training/collection/00000032.jp2" - one row per file entry.
This list can be also generated in scripts. Changing python scripts user can customize the workflow and adjust it to the institutional needs.

This workflow does not apply pt-mapred JAR and uses directly Hadoop Streaming API to avoid additional dependencies. The workflow has four input paramters but could be also used with default parameters.
These parameters are:
1. homepath is a path to the scripts on a local machine e.g. "/home/training/pythonwf"
2. hdfspath is a path to the home directory on HDFS e.g. "/user/training"
3. collectionpath is a name of the folder that comprises digital collection on HDFS e.g. "collection"
4. summarypath is a name of the folder that comprises calculation results (list of possible duplicates) on HDFS e.g. "compare".

The list of possible duplicates can be found in file benchmark_result_list.csv in summary path.
The main script in a workflow is a that comprises all other scripts. Experienced user could execute each workflow step in a separate module in order to
better manage script parameters.

1. The first step in the workflow is a preparation of input files list and is performed by Result of this step is a file with paths to collection files stored on HDFS
in inputfiles folder.
2. The second step is a SIFT features extraction calculated using "binary" parameter in order to improve performance. Result of this step are feature files for each input file like
"00000031.jp2.SIFTComparison.descriptors.dat", "00000031.jp2.SIFTComparison.keypoints.dat" and "00000031.jp2.SIFTComparison.feat.xml.gz" stored in matchbox folder on HDFS.
3. The third step is a calculation of Bag of Words (visual dictionary) performed by Result is stored in bow folder in bow.xml file on HDFS.
4. Then we extract visual histograms using for each input file. Result is stored in folder histogram on HDFS e.g. "00000031.jp2.BOWHistogram.feat.xml.gz".
5. The final step is to perform actual comparison using Results are stored in compare folder on HDFS and comprise file benchmardk_result_list.csv that
presents possible duplicates - one pair per row e.g. img1;img2;similarity between 0 (low) and 1 (high)


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