Analysing workflows

Created: 2009-05-06 08:49:59      Last updated: 2009-05-06 08:50:29

This workflows analyses workflows stored at the myExperiment site. It is used in the paper submitted to the Workshop on Scientific Workflow 2009. The workflow shows the task usage in the Taverna workflows stored at the myExperiment site

  • The amount of services used
  • The amount of local processors used
  • The amount of scripting tasks
  • The amount of sub workflows

Furthermore it classifies the local services based on their intended function.

The workflow has two inputs: firstID and lastID. These id's are the id's used in myExperiment to identify the workflows. For example, this workflow has id 648. One has to enter the firstID and the lastID to specify the workflows to be analysed. In the case of the submitted paper, firstID=0, lastID=600. Workflows that do not exists or are not stored as scufl files will automatically be skipped. One can determine the last workflow available at the "latest workflow" section at the myExperiment site. The URL to  the workflow "betrays" the id ;).

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