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Type: Taverna 2 Tag: blastall

Workflow NCBI BLAST (SOAP) (1)

Perform a BLAST search using the EMBL-EBI’s NCBI BLAST (SOAP) service (see The query sequence, database to search and BLAST program to use are inputs, the other parameters for the search are allowed to default.

Created: 2010-11-29 | Last updated: 2013-03-28

Attributions: Workflow EBI_NCBI_BLAST Workflow NCBI BLAST (SOAP)

Workflow blastp of target vs source database (1)

This worlflow allows the user to input two sets of proteins in fasta format. One file is converted to a database using formatdb, the set is blasted against this database to test for Blast hits. Users is able to set eValue and destination of files for database and blast file. Arguments can be added to either formatdb or blast in beanshell supplied. Blast and formatdb must be installed locally and the correct filepaths for these applications must entered into the workflow accordingly.

Created: 2010-03-19 | Last updated: 2010-03-19

Credits: User Ian Laycock Network-member nclteamc

Attributions: Workflow fetchEnsemblSeqsAndBlast

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