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Tag: example Licence: by-sa

Workflow Sample makefile workflow (1)

A sample makefile workflow. Type 'make help' to print an help message. Nothing else is supported in this version. Interesting links about makefiles in bioinformatics:

Created: 2008-10-30 | Last updated: 2008-10-30

Credits: User Giovanni Dall'Olio

Workflow While Sample (1)

This WF shows how to use while constructs in workflows. The condition block generates a true or false condition. The while loop is executed once, each time the condition is true.

Created: 2008-10-21

Credits: Network-member Trident

Workflow EBI_NCBI_BLAST (4)

This workflow performs an NCBI blast at the EBI. It accepts a protein sequence as input. Default values have been set for the search database (Uniprot), the number of hits to return (10), and all scoring and matrix options. These can be changed in the workflow by altering the string constant values if required. This workflow uses the new EBI services. They are asynchronous and so require looping over the nested workflow (Status) until the workflow has finished. Many of the EBI services now wo...

Created: 2011-01-17 | Last updated: 2013-05-30

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft User Hamish McWilliam

Attributions: Workflow EBI_NCBI_BLAST


Workflow caDSR Data service query in caGrid (3)

This workflow is used as an example in this wiki article:   Tested with Taverna 2.1.2 as of 6/10/2010

Created: 2010-05-25 | Last updated: 2010-06-11

Credits: User Wei Tan


Workflow An example workflow with WSRF service (1)

An example workflow with WSRF service The service used is The service is included in Globus toolkit installation (ws-core). If the it is down you can host your own and modify the workflow definition file to point to your own. The workflow first creates a counter instance and adds the value 10 for two times to the same counter. Therefore the result should be 20.

Created: 2009-07-28

Credits: User Wei Tan User Stian Soiland-Reyes

Workflow Tuiuiu asynchronous workflow (1)

Tuiuiu removes from a sequence or from a set of sequences areas as large as possible that do not contain researched repeats. Tuiuiu is used as a preliminary step before applying a multiple local aligner tool. Modeling and algorithmic details are provided in the following paper. Please, cite this paper if you use Tuiuiu. P. Peterlongo, G. Sacomoto, A. Pereira do Lago, N. Pisanti, M.-F. Sagot Lossless filter for multiple repeats with bounded edit distance BMC Algorithms for Mole...

Created: 2009-06-29 | Last updated: 2009-06-29

Credits: User Network-member GenOUEST Platform


Workflow Kegg_DrugID (1)

 This workflow accepts looks up drug identifiers from KEGG given a pathway identifier. You can enter a pathway ID in the form path:map07026

Created: 2009-03-18 | Last updated: 2009-03-18

Credits: User Rory

Workflow Workflow Pattern - Parallel Split (AND-Split) (1)

This workflow is a GWorkflowDL representation of a parallel split that invokes A and B recurrently without synchronization. This workflow is equivalent to the following pseudo code: new Thread( end_A = A() ); new Thread( end_B = B() );

Created: 2008-12-03 | Last updated: 2008-12-03

Credits: User Andreas Hoheisel

Workflow Workflow Pattern - Sequence (1)

This workflow is a GWorkflowDL representation of a sequence that sequentially invokes A and B. This workflow is equivalent to the following pseudo code: end_A = A(); end_B = B(end_A);

Created: 2008-12-03

Credits: User Andreas Hoheisel


Workflow Sample grid workflow (1)

This is a sample workflow submitting jobs to the EGEE grid using the Generic Application Service Wrapper (GASW). The job submission service has to be installed locally.

Created: 2008-10-24 | Last updated: 2008-10-31

Credits: User Glatard

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