Created: 2010-04-02 19:52:35      Last updated: 2011-02-27 17:34:42

This is a simple workflow designed to run XSTAR with an user selected input. XSTAR is a computer program for calculating the physical conditions and emission spectra of photoionized gases.

More information can be found here:

- XSTAR home page: http://heasarc.nasa.gov/lheasoft/xstar/xstar.html

- XSTAR on the Spinet client (Soaplab2): http://caoba.ivic.ve:8180/soaplab2-axis/

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  • Monday 12 April 2010 14:01:06 (UTC)

    Excellent workflow and a very interesting topic.

    Do you have any sample input data for it?

  • Tuesday 10 August 2010 17:11:53 (UTC)

     Hello Paul, I'm sorry for taking so long to reply your comment.  I never received any notice or email about this.  I just happen to find it by chance when I was looking for something else.

    The workflow itself has a sample data.  If you hit "New value" when you're going to run it, you'll get the sample data right away.

    The same example is online on the Soaplab2 web services site at: Simple job.

    Again, sorry for not noticing your comment previously.



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