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This is a draft of an analysis workflow to replicate the Free/Libre Open Source Software project classification analysis from English & Schweik. The workflow is not yet functional. The original research uses a selection of FLOSS project metrics to classify projects as successes or abandonments in their initial or growth phases.  Translation of the original classification as described in the paper to a workflow analysis requires some modification of the way criteria are applied to achieve exhaustiveness. In addition, this version of the analysis parameterizes all of the classification criteria to enable exploration of different threshold values.

The main aspects of the workflow that are currently incomplete are data selection and code for the classifier component. Unincorporated progress on workflow development includes  some SQL queries for data selection and a reformulated classification criteria set.  Assumptions include using a month unit for all time-based criteria, and restriction of classification to the six classes from the original paper. 

Desired output will be a CSV that will include all derived metrics used for classification as well as an indicator of the specific combination of metrics that results in the final classification, as there are multiple combinations of metrics that can result in any given classification. Extended development of the workflow will incorporate additional RServe components to provide in-depth analysis of the classified data.


English, R. and Schweik, C.M. 2007. "Identifying Success and Tragedy of Free/Libre and Open Source (FLOSS) Commons: A Preliminary Classification of projects." Paper accepted for the First International Workshop on Emerging Trends in FLOSS Research and Development that is part of the 29th Int. Conference on Software Engineering. May 21st, 2007.

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  • Friday 07 September 2012 18:33:35 (UTC)

     I quite the way this workflow is designed. The author used nested-workflows to favor modularity, and the data links seems to be carefully designed. On the downside, I couldnt execute teh workflow, which may be due to the fact that some constituent services are no longer available. Would be good if the author (or someone knowledgeable) to repair and create a new version of this workflow :-)


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