Common SCAPE QA command line tool RESTful service

Created: 2011-07-01 13:48:30      Last updated: 2012-04-04 07:59:17

The QA REST package enables creation of RESTful web service that wraps any QA command line tools. The main element of this workflow is a RESTful service designed in the SCAPE QA command line tools RESTful package The Github project from Andy Jackson is a basis implementation for pc-qa-toolwrapper-rest package. The workflow comprises path to the RESTful service root directory as an input parameter. The QA command line tool name and parameters separated by comma are attached at the end of the path. Adventage of this method is that user can optionally change parameters without any changes in java service source code. The output is an XML string. Also the workflow provides output of the REST service status (200 if successful) and XPath output containing data extracted from XML. The service request example for extractfeatures tool: http://localhost:8080/scape-pc-qa-toolwrapper-rest/rest/qualityassurance/tool/extractfeatures.exe,--numbins%205,scape-logo.png

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