Name resolver of galaxies parsing the output using local services

Created: 2011-09-21 17:59:49      Last updated: 2011-09-21 18:03:58

This workflow ask for text file using "Select_file" local services. This file is read by the "read_text_file", using "utf-8" as encoding. The result of "read_text_file" is splitted in lines by "split_string_into_string_list_by_regular_expression" and each of this lines is the input for the Rest_servise. The REST service search for each line (each line contains one name of one galaxy) some information about that galaxy. The string is like:

target=cig+1 service=NED( coordsys=ICRS ra=0.77358 dec=-1.91381 time(ms)=0

We convert this string into list of string using "split_string_into_string_list_by_regular_expression" We need extract the coordinates of the galaxy: the RA and DEC parameters, so we have to use two times the local services "filter_list_of_string_extracting_match_to_a_regex". One of them with the regex= "ra=(.*)" and the other one with the regex="dec=(.*)". The result of this both filters is a list of list, so we have to use "merge_string_list_to_a_string" to get a list.

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