Q1: Give me all oxidoreductase inhibitors active <100 nM in human and mouse

Created: 2014-10-22 04:31:09      Last updated: 2015-06-02 11:55:52

In the Open PHACTS project, we have developed KNIME utility nodes that can be set to automatically leverage the desired content from Open PHACTS web services and simplify the construction of workflow processes.  In this workflow we use the these KNIME nodes (which can be down loaded here: https://github.com/openphacts/OPS-Knime ) with the Open PHACTS API call Target Class Pharmacology  and using the filters target_organism=Homo sapiens|Mus musculus, minEx-pChembl=7 to answer Q1; Give me all oxidoreductase inhibitors active <100 nM in human and mouse. 

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