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Workflow Translate Nucleotide sequence into Peptide... (2)

Translate Nucleotide sequence into Peptide sequence using EBI Service. Find nucleotide sequence from EBI wsdbfetch(using ref.seq Id NM_005700) 2. Translation nucleotide sequence(from 1) into peptide sequence using EBI EMBOSS4 transeq.

Created: 2007-10-03

Workflow dbfetch tutorial (1)

This workflow eases entry in the world of Taverna with one of the key tasks - the retrieval of plain data. The dbfetch offers sequence and structure data from a large variety of sources. A first execution of this workflow informs about these in the "getSupportedDBs" output. Also the formats and styles are listed. The two inputs allow for the specification of a query that leaves the format with "default" (which is different for every database, "native" would be a better fit), the style is alw...

Created: 2008-09-22

Credits: User Steffen Möller

Workflow pubmed abstracts from pathways (1)

Extraction of the abstracts from pubmed pubblications related to the pathways involving the input genes

Created: 2014-02-28

Credits: User Massimo La Rosa User Antonino Fiannaca

Attributions: Workflow NCBI Gi to Kegg Pathway Descriptions Workflow Pathway to Pubmed

Workflow setp2 (1)

Traduction test

Created: 2014-01-30 | Last updated: 2014-01-30

Credits: User Alice Heliou


Workflow Blast Report from ID (1)

This workflow retrieves a fasta sequence or blast report from an id. Firstly, given some inputs (e.g. ids:EDL10223.1, format:fasta, style:default and db:emblcds), it returns the sequence in fasta format associated to those inputs using the EBI's WSDbfetch web service (see Next, we obtain a Blast report from this fasta sequence and some others parameters. The final result in that case corresponds with the same fasta sequence introduced...

Created: 2011-04-07 | Last updated: 2011-04-07

Credits: User Hectorj2f

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