File Entry: Unification of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics by Principle of Central System Relativity

Created: 2022-02-25 10:37:18
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This particular article is devoted to a
breakthrough which is waiting for 100 years of physics. In this
particular article I am unifying two kind of physical structures
and law’s governed by them with help of Principle of Central
System Relativity obtained by me in my previous article
named “Generalization of various kinds of Central Systems
exist in Universe and their mathematical representations” [6].
Albert Einstein tried to unify both theories which work on
macroscopic and microscopic level (Quantum Mechanics and
General Relativity) in his last years as Unified field theory
(UFT) but failed. Basically these both theories came from his
miraculous year 1905 and 1915 or from his five excellent
papers [7] which changed the fundamental understandings of
theoretical physics. In this article I had obtained a Universal
Principle of Central System Relativity which applied on all
type of Geometrical scales exist in Universe. The Principle of
Central System Relativity holds in and N-Central Systems
predicted by N-Time Inflationary Model of Universe
(Obtained by me in my previous paper [6]). This article
unified both theories on Macroscopic and Microscopic level
(Respectively General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics)
into one single theory- “Universal Mechanics”. So, in this
particular article I have unified both Macroscopic and
Microscopic structures into one single physical structure
which is more unique in universal sense and also generalized
(theoretically and mathematically) almost all fundamental
principles of both physical structures in universal sense and
then unified them with help of the Principle of Central System
Relativity on each type of bodies (created during each
inflation) exists in Universe. On the other hand I also obtained
a very elegant principle of relativity defined by me as
“Principle of Universal Relativity” which satisfies both
Galilean Relativity [22] and Einstein’s Relativity [7] and also
includes a very different new term which appears in universal
sense or not for observers on same body (like we are on

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