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This group brings together scientists with expertise in both (medical) bioinformatics and e-science. The members can give advice to bioinformaticians who want to adopt an 'e-science approach'. They want to share their expertise and experience for the application of technologies such as workflow, web/biomoby services, grid, semantic web, etcetera.

The group was founded in particular for the Dutch BioAssist programme lead by NBIC (Netherlands BioInformatics Centre). BioAssist is a bioinformatics support programme that has chosen an e-science approach to implement analysis pipelines for a number of bioinformatics platforms in the Netherlands (see BioAssist_NL).

Created at: Sunday 16 March 2008 22:23:11 (UTC)

Unique name: eScienceSupportTeam4NBIC



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    Marco Roos shared BioAID_EnirchBioModelWithProteinsFromText
    This workflow is for demonstration purposes only. Please contact the authors if you wish to try it. We will gladly collaborate with you. Summary This workflow extracts proteins and protein relations from Medline. Extracted protein names (symbols of at least 3 characters) are validated against mouse, …
    Wednesday 08 May 2013 14:51:52 (UTC)
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    Marco Roos shared e-science tool pack
    Pack of tools and software components that can be used to enhance your research. 'e-science' characteristics: interoperabie with other tools free to use by academics components can be shared and reused, potentially for other means stimulating sharing and reusing components  
    Friday 01 August 2008 10:52:42 (UTC)
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    Marco Roos shared From biologist to web service to Taverna to myExperiment to biologist
    A movie to show the principle of the round trip from a biology question via pieces of code wrapped as web services and combined into a workflow (computational experiment) in Taverna, via uploading to myExperiment and back to the biologist through myExperiment's run facility. NB: at the time of upload …
    Friday 21 March 2008 19:00:27 (UTC)
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    Marco Roos created the e-science support team for NBIC group
    Sunday 16 March 2008 22:23:11 (UTC)

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