Pack: Visualize PAV provenance as SVG

Created: 2013-04-05 09:18:51      Last updated: 2018-01-04 11:39:09
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Title: Visualize PAV provenance as SVG

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A workflow that converts PAV provenance to SVG by inferring PROV-O statements.

VoID descriptions following the Open PHACTS Dataset descriptions specification are fetched as Turtle, cleaned up to be valid OWL2 ontology and include useful labels, processed through the OWL reasoner Pellet; this adds inferred PROV statements to the RDF, which is then fed to the PROV Toolbox, generating an SVG visualization of the provenance.

Note that this workflow downloads CWM, Pellet and ProvToolbox on demand, and uses UNIX command line tools like wget and md5 which are unlikely to work in Windows. This workflow has been tested on Ubuntu 12.10 with Taverna 2.4.0.

This pack is licensed as AGPL 3.0 (not GPL 2.0 as myExperiment states) as includes (links to) the Pellet source code/binary. The workflow does not bundle Pellet, but it downloads it on demand. 

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