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Groups that Danius Michaelides owns

Network-member UsefulChem

Created: Tuesday 21 October 2008 10:57:13 (UTC)

A myExperiment group relating to the UsefulChem project.

6 shared items   |   0 announcements


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Network-member e-Lab TAG

Unique name: e-Lab
Created: Thursday 21 May 2009 11:00:13 (UTC)

Electronic Laboratory Technical Architecture Group

1 shared item   |   1 announcements


Latest announcement:: Obesity e-Lab: Models

Network-member CCPE eScience 2008 special issue myExperim...

Unique name: ccpe09
Created: Friday 10 April 2009 20:52:05 (UTC)

This group is for the authors of the myExperiment paper submitted to the CCPE special issue on eScience 2008 Towards Open Science: The myExperiment approach David De Roure1, Carole Goble2, Sergejs Aleksejevs2, Sean Bechhofer2, Jiten Bhagat2, Don Cruickshank1, Paul Fisher2, Duncan Hull3, Danius Michaelides1, David Newman1, Rob Procter4, Yuwei Lin4, Meik Poschen4

1 shared item   |   0 announcements

This Group has not been tagged yet!

Network-member myExperiment

Unique name: myexperiment
Created: Monday 23 July 2007 17:02:58 (UTC)

This is the official group for the myExperiment team.

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Network-member Trident

Created: Tuesday 21 October 2008 12:49:03 (UTC)

No description

10 shared items   |   0 announcements



Network-member Social Scientific Land

Created: Thursday 29 November 2007 11:33:57 (UTC)

No description

0 shared items   |   0 announcements

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