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Field/Industry: Bioinformatics

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BioSemantics / Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum


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Workflow Match gene lists based on information in l... (7)

[THIS WORKFLOW IS IN BETA STAGE] This workflow computes the match between two lists of Entrez Gene Identifiers by means of concept profile matching (Jelier et al., van Haagen et al.). The result of this is a list of concepts ordered by their matching score (the length of the list set by maxMatchNr). Of this list the summed scores are explained by computing the concepts that contribute most to the combination of the matching genes. Example to explain (by analogy): When a group of informatic...

Created: 2012-04-17 | Last updated: 2012-04-25

Credits: User Marco Roos User Reinout van Schouwen User Eleni User Kristina Hettne Network-member BioSemantics

Attributions: Workflow Match concept profiles Workflow Explain concept scores

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