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Studied journalism and marketing (BA Communications). Practised investor relations for more than 15 years, focused in hi-tech industries such as IT & telecommunications, advanced materials, healthcare, biotech / life sciences.

I am a co-owner of Rapid Technologies which offers high quality low priced rapid diagnostic tests and supporting devices for monitoring human and animal health.

Our goal is to market throughout southern Africa medical devices, industrial, agricultural and environmental test kits which are quick and comparable to tests used in laboratories, and to offer ease of use since trained professionals may not be available and/or the analytical equipment is too expensive.

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+27 11 880 0364

Skype: SpindleComms


Field/Industry: Life Sciences | Biotechnology

Occupation/Role(s): Business entrepreneur


Rapid Technologies
Spindle Communications


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The LIFEsparks biopartnering social forum aims to boost the commercial success of Southern African initiatives and start-up companies focused the life sciences sector (biotechnology and medical devices), vis-a-vis allowing participants to share ideas, knowledge and to present their business and or investment opportunities to potential partners and funders.

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