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Name: Silvia Olabarriaga

Joined: Friday 16 January 2009 14:40:33 (UTC)

Email (public): S.D.Olabarriaga [at]


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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grid computing
medical imaging
scientific workflows
bioinformatics (starting!)

Field/Industry: academic hospital

Occupation/Role(s): assistant professor


Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
Institute of Informatics, University of Amsterdam
VL-e project (NL)


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Network-member Concept Web Alliance (general)

Unique name: CWA
Created: Monday 27 July 2009 12:48:15 (UTC)

This group aims to connect all people actively interested or participating in the new initiative, the Concept Web Alliance.(CWA) the Aim of the CWA is: “To enable an open collaborative environment to jointly address the challenges associated with high volume scholarly and professional data production, storage, interoperability and analyses for knowledge discovery.“ The 'Magnet Gro...

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Network-member VL-e

Created: Wednesday 23 January 2008 15:17:17 (UTC)

Group of researchers of the Virtual Laboratory e-Science (VL-e) project in the Netherlands. This is a large nation wide e-science research project funded by BSIK grants from the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs. Its activities range from Grid infrastructure, to middleware, to (six) applications. The projects BioRange and BioAssist (also groups here) are tightly associated with VL-e.

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