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Network-member BioSemantics Privileged Users @ Human Gene...

Unique name: LeidenBioSemanticsUsers
Created: Wednesday 23 September 2009 01:10:24 (UTC)

Group of colleagues at the Human Genetics Department of the Leiden University Medical Centre and closely collaborating groups who are interested to be prime users of new developments in BioSemantics and e-Science, and in return are willing to provide feedback and suggestions. See for more information about the BioSemantics collaboration in the Netherlands.

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Network-member BioAssist II Taskforce for BioBanking Plat...

Created: Friday 31 July 2009 11:53:06 (UTC)

This group has been set up to exchange ideas, documents, workflows and news about the BioBanking Platform of NBIC in the The Netherlands. However, international members of the Concept Web Alliance or the BBMRI initiatives are very welcome to join. It will keep you updated on all technical developments regarding data harmonization and other aspects of BioBanking. Colleagues involved in the P3G ...

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Latest announcement:: Visit Paris to discuss WikiPedia Scholar with Segolene and Denis


Network-member NBIC BioWise PhD student course - Manageme...

Unique name: BioWiseInformationManagement2009
Created: Saturday 23 May 2009 13:58:01 (UTC)

Group in support of the course 'Management of Life Science Information', 25/5-21/6 2009, organized for the Netherlands BioInformatics Centre (NBIC) as part of the BioWise programme.

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