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The reason I joined MyExperiment is that I believe that such an environment, when properly supported by in-text semantic technologies could drive international collaboration, e-science, but notably community annotation of dispersed biological resources, that is why we started the Concept Web Alliance, with several of the founders of MyExperiment at the table.

Since October 2009 I am the head of the BioAssist Programme of NBIC

See my wikipeople page here:

Please note this is a staging server, we will move to production soon and the link may be broken



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My personal interest is in concept-based information management, especially for international community annotation

Field/Industry: Bioinformatics, computational biology, Concept Web

Occupation/Role(s): Associate Professor, Head of the BioAssist Program of NBIC


Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)
Netherlands Bioinformatics Center (NBIC)



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User Andrew Gibson

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My background is in biology, and I am now mostly interested in developing emerging technologies from computer science and trying to make them more accessible to scientists, and as such am interested in what myExperiment is doing.

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Field/Industry:Academia | Occupation/Role(s):Postdoctoral Researcher


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See my LinkedIn profile for more information

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Field/Industry:Proteomics | Occupation/Role(s):Assist. Prof.


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I work on myExperiment.

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Field/Industry:Rare Disease Patient Organisation | Occupation/Role(s):Web Communications Officer

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Field/Industry:BioInformatics | Occupation/Role(s):Scientific Developer

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I am a myExperiment developer.

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Occupation/Role(s):Computer Scientist

User Don Cruickshank (Test)

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User Hofmann-Apitius

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 I am interested in problem-solving environments for biomedical research, in information extraction and knowledge discovery in biology, medicine and pharmaceutical chemistry.  Currently, I hold a position as Head of the Department of Bioinformatics at Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI) and -  as a second affiliation - a Professor position at Bonn...

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Website: | Email (public):martin.hofmann-apitius [at]

Field/Industry:Governmental Not-for-Profit Applied Research | Occupation/Role(s):Head of Department & Professor at Bonn University


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User Jiten Bhagat

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Your friendly neighbourhood BioCatalogue and myExperiment developer

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Occupation/Role(s):Software Developer/Engineer

User Katy Wolstencroft

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User Marco Roos

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My role as a biologist and bioinformatician in e-science is to help increase the usefulness of emerging information technologies for biology, while experimenting with new ways to increase insight into mechanisms related to structure and function of DNA in the cell. I experiment with technologies such as workflow, knowledge extraction from text, semantic web and virtual research environments suc...

Last active:Thursday 28 April 2016 21:38:56 (UTC)

Website: | Email (public):m.roos [at]

Field/Industry:Biology | Occupation/Role(s):PhD, e-(bio)scientist (biology 'power-user'), biology e-Science liaison for NBIC and e-Science organisations

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User Morris Swertz

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I am interested in generating software infrastructures that biologist want to have. To see what I mean, read NRG 8(3):235 or the online MOLGENIS showcase: Next step is integrating MOLGENIS with other projects like Taverna. For example to run the MetaNetwork protocol (NatProt 2(3):658), currently in R, but I will shortly create a Ta...

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Website: | Email (public):m.a.swertz [at]

User Pankaj chauhan

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i am pankaj chauhan. yet i am bioinformatics student.  

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Field/ bioinformatics student


User Paul Fisher

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I am currently employed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). As a consequence, the workflows developed previously to this employment (before 5th September 2011) may no longer be supported.

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Field/Industry:Bioinformatics | Occupation/Role(s):Bioinformatics Scientist


User Segolene Ayme

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Website: | Email (public):segolene.ayme [at]

Field/Industry:Medical genetics and Public health | Occupation/Role(s):Director of Research

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