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Network-member CWA working group 2.6: Nanopublications

Created: Wednesday 12 August 2009 14:12:31 (UTC)

The Concept Web Alliance is an organization founded to promote the semantically rich publication and dissemination of life science data and knowledge. The basic underlying units of this knowledge will be 'triples' - concept-relationship-concept - represented using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) specification of the W3C. Technologies that are built around RDF such as RDF Triplestores,...

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Latest announcement:: Nanopublication / Format Working Group Mailing List

Network-member CWA working group 2.2: Tool Development

Unique name: CWATools
Created: Monday 24 August 2009 07:18:38 (UTC)

Scope: Co-ordinate all tool development of CWA core partners and scout tools developed elsewhere to be incorporated/made useful for CWA and its partners. Deliverables: Functional designs and early prototypes of tools and requirements to capture, store, harmonize and analyse data and content.

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Network-member CWA working group 1.6: commercialization /...

Created: Sunday 02 August 2009 18:22:28 (UTC)

 Scope: How do we safeguard the ‘trusted party’ role of CWA towards the public as well as the private sector, while building the structure and partnerships to serve commercial users with realizable services based on the ‘triple store’ to contribute to the long term sustainability of CWA

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Latest announcement:: Filing application tax exemption

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