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Location: Groningen, Netherlands

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Proteomics, Bioinformatics, LC-MS data processing and statistical analysis

Field/Industry: Proteomics, Bioinformatics

Occupation/Role(s): Assitant Professor


University of Groningen


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Network-member NBIC-BioAssist II (all people)

Created: Friday 23 October 2009 07:13:45 (UTC)

This group serves as an overview of all people involved directly or indirectly in the BioAssist Program of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre. BioAssist-II (2009 and beyond) is headed by Barend Mons The management team is composed as follows: Marcel Reinders, Co-Program Leader Rob Hooft, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Christine Chichester Chief Information Officer (CIO) Marc van Driel (...

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Latest announcement:: Despautism


Network-member e-science support team for NBIC

Unique name: eScienceSupportTeam4NBIC
Created: Sunday 16 March 2008 22:23:11 (UTC)

This group brings together scientists with expertise in both (medical) bioinformatics and e-science. The members can give advice to bioinformaticians who want to adopt an 'e-science approach'. They want to share their expertise and experience for the application of technologies such as workflow, web/biomoby services, grid, semantic web, etcetera. The group was founded in particular for the Du...

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Network-member BioAssist_NL

Unique name: bioassist_nl
Created: Wednesday 01 August 2007 13:05:51 (UTC)

NBIC's BioAssist program BioAssist[1], organised by the Netherlands BioInformatics Centre (NBIC[2]), is a program for support and dissemination of bioinformatics tools and expertise in the Netherlands. It advocates the use of e-science standards such as web services and workflow. It is associated with the projects VL-e[3] and BioRange[4]. Links:

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Network-member BioRange_NL

Unique name: biorange_nl
Created: Wednesday 01 August 2007 13:03:24 (UTC)

Introduction ------------ BioRange[1] is a Dutch nationwide program for bioinformatics research. It is associated with VL-e[2], an e-science research project that investigates and develops technology to enhance science through general grid-based infrastructure and tools for six diverging applications. Bioinformatics is one of them. Another association is with BioAssist[3], a bioinformatics ...

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